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DuraClear acrylic varnish by DecoArt, 2 ounce bottle, 4 options

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DuraClear Finish is a water based varnish by DecoArt Americana. Choose Matte, (NEW) Ultra-Matte, Satin or Gloss. A 2-fl. ounce bottle. A water-base varnish, good for sealing acrylic painted crafts, paper beads, air dry clay, shells, dyed stone, etc. Makes paper items water resistant but not waterproof. 2 ounce covers 7 sq feet. Dries clear and is non-yellowing. Now in, 8oz as well in select finishes!
We are a 34 year old arts, crafts and bead store with lots of treasures so if you can't find it...just ask!
Note** 3/8/21 Duraclear is very hard to find to restock but we are trying!!