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Beadsmith 10-Piece Set Diamond-Tip Bits

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  • BURR DRILL BITS: These reamers are used to enlarge a hole in a bead, and to smooth the edges of the drill hole. The files are made from steel and are designed for long lasting performance. This tip is used to enlarge a hole and soften rough edges. This ten-piece set comes with all the shapes you could ever want.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRAIN: The metal file is encrusted with industrial grade diamond great for repeated use. This product is great quality and long lasting. Diamond grade tips are great for precise work because of their extremely fine, sharp, and high-quality tips. They can be used to enlarge small holes to accommodate the hemp, string, wire, or anything you would be using to stick through the bead.
  • MULTI-PACK: Set includes 10 diamond-tip bits that measure 1.75” in length. They are 150 grit with 2.35mm or 3.17 shanks. The diamond drill bit come in an assortment of shapes for smoothing, engraving, cutting, polishing, carving, and etching. This set is perfect for micro-engravers and rotary tools. The kit comes in a clear box that is ideal for safe and organized storage.
  • FLAWLESS FINISH: Add to a drill and make bead holes larger, remove unwanted burrs from bead holes before stringing and smooth and file rough edges. This set can be used for smoothing, refining, reshaping projects. They are perfect for shaping plastic, wood, metal, jewelry, ceramic, stone, shell, pearl, gemstone, and glass beads. These bead reamers will ensure precise work for all your beading needs.
  • THE BEADSMITH – 40 years in the making! Trusted to bring you the best quality beads, tools, and supplies. Making jewelry should be a positive experience. Let us join you in the creative journey. Our experts are here to help. Your satisfaction is important to us. Contact us with any quality issues or concerns.